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Originating as a “fun run,” the Singapore Marathon was established by the Singapore International Marathon Organising Committee. In its inaugural event, Raymond Crab from the UK and Winnie Ng from Hong Kong were the first to cross the finish line, marking the beginning of a legacy in Singapore’s running history.


After the resounding success and overwhelmingly positive response of its inaugural event, the Singapore Marathon returned for its highly anticipated second edition. Building upon the momentum generated by its debut, the marathon expanded its reach and offerings, captivating even more runners eager to join in the exhilarating experience of this iconic race.


Standard Chartered became our title sponsor, ushering in a new era of partnership and growth for our organisation.


The prestigious Singapore Marathon was acquired by The IRONMAN® Group, marking a significant milestone in the event’s history. This acquisition brought a new level of expertise and resources to the marathon, further elevating its status as a world-class sporting event.


The Singapore Marathon achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the sole World Athletics Gold Label race in Southeast Asia. The event made history with the introduction of the first-ever evening Marathon, Half Marathon, and Ekiden flag-off, marking the inception of a dynamic three-day format. This evolution solidified SCSM’s position as a premier running festival not only in Singapore but also across the region.


The launch of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Virtual Club marked a significant milestone. This year also commemorates the 19th edition of SCSM and the 39th edition of Singapore’s largest race, showcasing the event’s enduring legacy and continued commitment to fostering community engagement and participation in running.


SCSM proudly commemorated its 20-year partnership with Standard Chartered Bank. Additionally, the event broke new ground by becoming the first mass participation running event in Singapore following the pandemic, showcasing resilience and determination in the face of adversity.


Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon rebranded.


SCSM proudly celebrates its enduring 22-year partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, alongside its prestigious Gold Label race designation this year.