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We are delighted to announce that the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon is hosting the Singapore National Championship in collaboration with the Singapore Athletics Association.

This championship will feature Singapore’s top Runners competing in the following race categories:


  • Singapore Men
  • Singapore Women
  • Singapore Men’s Masters (35 years old and above)
  • Singapore Women’s Masters (35 years old and above)

Half Marathon

  • Singapore Men
  • Singapore Women


To qualify, runners must provide evidence of achieving the specified timings or better in a World Athletics or National Federation sanctioned marathon race during the qualifying window.

Registration Period: 4 June 2024 to 31 October 2024 (Based on capacity limit)
Qualifying Period: 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2024

To register, you must submit your identification document and proof that you meet the entry qualification timings and conditions to [email protected] for verification. All submitted qualifying times will undergo careful review and verification processes.

For all carded National Athletes under Singapore Athletics, please contact Singapore Athletics High Performance representative for registration details.

Note: Not all eligible athletes who submit their documents will be automatically accepted nor guaranteed entry into the event due to limited field size


Category Qualifying Time
Singapore Men 3hrs 00min 00sec >*
Singapore Women 3hrs 30min 00sec >*
Singapore Men's Masters 3hrs 00min 00 sec >*
Singapore Women's Masters 3hrs 30min 00 sec >*

*Please take note that athletes will need to meet 2hrs 45mins 00sec (men) & 3hrs 15mins 00sec (women) for access to Elite Stations.

Half Marathon

Any timed distance shorter than the Half Marathon 21.1km will not be accepted.

Additionally, proof for distances equal to or shorter than the full marathon distance of 42.195km will be considered for timing.

Timing proof for the full marathon must meet the requirement of 3hrs 00min 00 sec (Men) or 3hrs 30min 00sec (Women) or less in World Athletics or National Federation sanctioned marathon race.

Category Qualifying Time
Singapore Men 1hrs 20min 00sec >
Singapore Women 1hrs 40min 00sec >

Exclusive Benefits for Elite and National Championship Athletes

Elite and National Championship athletes have added benefits from regular participants and are eligible for prize money.

As a National Championship athlete, you are entitled to the following:

Same Start Pen with Elites

National Championship athletes will begin the race in the same pen as the Marathon Elite athletes. This means they have the unique opportunity to compete alongside some of the best marathon runners. Moreover, if a National Championship athlete finishes in the top 8 overall in the Marathon race, they will be eligible to receive the Elite prize money.

Dedicated Wave Start

Both Elite and National Championship athletes will be flagged off in a dedicated wave, starting separately from the other participants. Elite and National Championship athletes will exclusively have a clear and unobstructed course at the start of the race.

Access to Elite Stations

Athletes who meet the National Championship Elite Station Qualifying Time of 2 hours 45 minutes for men or 3 hours 15 minutes for women will gain access to Elite Stations during the Marathon. These stations provide enhanced support that are reserved for top-tier athletes on top of the existing Aid Stations along the Marathon course.

Dedicated Race Bib

Each National Championship participant will receive a race bib specifically designed for the National Championship, distinguishing them from general marathon participants.

Access to Elite Areas at the Start Venue

National Championship athletes will have access to exclusive Elite areas and the Elite call room at the start venue. These areas offer a more comfortable and focused environment to prepare for the race.

Access to Elite Lounge at the Finish Venue

After completing the race, athletes can relax and recover in the Elite lounge at the finish venue. This lounge provides food, beverages, and a space to unwind post-race.

Baggage Transfer Service

We offer a convenient baggage transfer service from the start venue to the finish venue for all National Championship athletes, allowing them to easily retrieve their belongings after the race.

National Championship Prize Money

Athletes competing in the National Championship are eligible for prize money if they finish in the top 10 positions, adding an extra incentive to perform at their best.

Access to Pre-Race Technical Briefing

All National Championship participants are invited to attend a pre-race technical briefing on 29 or 30 November. This session will provide important information and insights to help athletes prepare optimally for the race day.

Registration Fee Discount

Eligible carded athletes and recipients of the Singapore Athletics OCTC Grant will receive a 50% discount on the National Championship registration fee, making this World Athletics Gold Label race more accessible to our national athletes in recognition of their efforts towards preparing, qualifying and representing Singapore at Major Competitions. Additionally, Standard Chartered Cardholders are also entitled to an additional 15% off.

Athletes who register for Marathon Pen A instead of National Championship, will not enjoy the benefits listed above.